Group One - Brain Wiki

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The purpose of this wiki is to explain the parts, uses, functions, and other facts of the brain.The first page is Brain Parts. This page will provide links to you that will show you each different part of the brain and tell you it's function. Next is Brain Facts. This page will teach you many things about the brain you might not have known. Brain Damage explains what happens when the human brain is injured. The next page, Brain Diseases, will inform you on some of the diseases that will affect your brain. Case Studies is an interesting page about times when people have injured their brain, and miraculously survived and recovered. The next page is Cell. This page will teach you about all the different parts and fuctions of the individual brain cells. Lobes will show you the three different lobes of the brain and their purposes. Male vs. Female Brain compares the two brains side by side so you can see what makes them different. The next page is Nervous System, which takes you through the parts of the nervous system. The last page is Sections. This page will teach you the four different sections and their contributions to the brain.