• The midbrain is located between the forebrain and the hindbrain, and it averages out to be about 2 cm long. The midbrain forms a key component to the brain stem. The brain stem is part of the brain that connects the spinal cord. The dorsal part of the midbrain contains the superior colliculus, which is important for visual system reflexes. The ventral part has the cerebral peduncle. This is a bundle of axons that travel from the cerebral cortex to the brainstem, this is important for the voluntary motor functions.The cerebral peduncles the brain into two halves, these two halves are further divided into a posterior and anterior parts. These parts form important connections between the cerebral cortex, the spinal cord, and the brainstem. They control processes such as the ability to see and to move.

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Disorders Affecting the Midbrain
  • If the substantia nigra is affected by a disorder, this could result in Parkinson's disease.
  • Also a stroke can result from disorders of the midbrain.

This brain is affected by Parkinson's Disease.
This brain is affected by Parkinson's Disease.

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