Male vs. Female Brains

Is there a difference??YES! There's several diffences between the two brains, just like there are other differences between males and females.


1. Cell Numbers:
Men have 4% more brain cells than women do. Men also have one hundred grams more brain tissue.

2. Size:Men's brains are typically 11-12% larger than women's brains. However, this has nothing to do with intelligence. The reason men's brains are larger is because their physical body size is larger, therefore needing more neurons to control the greater muscle and body mass.

The Corpus Collosum has been found to be larger in females. This means women can transfer data between the left and right hemispheres faster than men can.

Females have a thicker parietal region of the brain, which hinders their ability for spatial sense. This is why men generally have a stronger sense of spatial ability, whereas women usually struggle with it.
The inferiod-parietal lobule (IPL) is significantly larger in men, especially on the left side, compared to women. This part of the brain controls mental mathmatical ability, which explains why men are typically better at math than women. Also, this part of the brain was found to be abnormally large in Einstein!

Women have a larger deep limbic system. This means they are more in touch with their feelings and emotional well-being. However, this makes women more susceptible to depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, especially during a women's menstrual cycle or other times of hormonal shifts.
left brain right brain diagram
left brain right brain diagram

3. Hemispheres:Men generally use the left side of their brains more than the right, while women usually use the right side of their brain more. This means men generally problem-solve from a task-oriented perspective and women problem-solve more creatively.The diagram on the left shows the basic functions of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

4. Language:Women generally use both sides of their brain for language, whereas men just use the left-side. Therefore, if a woman has a stroke in the left front side, she is able to use the right side for language, which makes it more likely for her to fully recover.

5. Pain:Women perceive pain more intensely than men do. This is true for two reasons: one, in order to reach the same level of pain reduction, women require more morphine in the brain than men do. Lastly, in men, the right amygdala is activated when in pain, and in females the left is. The right amygdala has more connections and control with the external fuctions and the left has more connections and control with the internal functions.

Below is a video showing the differences between the two brains.

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